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Who we are...

Paul Pashley is an experienced Business Owner/Manager, with past experience in Project Management with a National Rail Company.
He has been building his current businesses since March 2013 and has helped many Business Owners and Managers to Save Time and Save Money since then.
Paul knows that busy business owners do not have the time, energy or expertise to deal with contract renewals, manage telephone and email correspondence from numerous suppliers at renewal time and get to grips with complex comparison websites and bills. This is where Paul has the resources to help!
He can offer an outsourced Cost Management Solution where he collects all the current supplier information (latest invoices) and has them analysed quickly and efficiently by our partners who are experts in each field and will find savings and better / more competitive deals. A completely transparent service – if you have a great deal currently, leave it be!! If you can get a better or more cost effective deal – Paul will find it for you, providing excellent expert advice from specialists in a variety of fields.
Paul can service any size of commercial business or third sector organisation with a review of their costs on Debit/Credit Card Readers, Gas/Electricity, Telecoms/Mobiles/IT Solutions and Support, Waste Management, Water Cost Reviews, Office Supplies, Commercial Insurance and Health Protection Cover.
At the end of a full review process with Paul you will know many things – that you already have the cheapest deal on services and should let it be!! or that he’ll find you something better. Paul will also be able to find renewal dates for you for all these services with your permission, he will also be able to ensure that your energy meter profiling is correct, that you are not being charged costs that needn’t be there and that your bills are fair and your accounts compliant. With your permission, Paul will also liaise with your current suppliers to cancel existing contracts where applicable.
It’s a win/win scenario! Available to work with you in the comfort of your own business premises with access to supplier invoice information.
It is then Paul’s ongoing service that client’s endorse so favorably – having a resource to remind busy business owners of their contract renewal dates as they become due, going out to market specialists to get the best prices for the right products from the right experts, liaising with existing suppliers, cancelling existing contracts as they become due and setting up of new arrangements.
Alternatively, Paul can react to your contract renewals on your request – working with appropriate business brokers when you have your back against the wall to renew/find a better deal or contest supplier bills.