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Helping Charities

Yorkshire Plus Limited Helping Charities

Charities need all the help they can get and it is the pleasure of Yorkshire Plus Limited to be able to reduce our fees in order to help them reduce their costs.
We have worked with a number of charities already – ensuring that their bills are scrutinised to ensure that no additional costs are added to their bills.
❖ Energy– VAT at the lowest rate possible as well as no Climate Change Levy on bills.
❖ Telecoms– Bundled call charges, are they for the best? Does the charity need these with high connection fees?
❖ Waste Management– Are the charity paying to rent their bins and having a Duty of Care charge added to bills?
❖ Debit and Credit Card Readers– Are they paying market rate for each transaction and is their merchant account compliant so they aren’t being fined every month for non-compliance?
❖ Insurances– Are the insurances fit for purpose and are installments as low as possible?
❖ Health and Safety– Are policies and procedures in place to ensure compliance and that insurances are valid?

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