Review Pricing

Costs for Reviews and Ongoing Support from Yorkshire Plus Limited

For peace of mind that you are up to date on all your costs and to gain an understanding of where these contracts are, when the contracts will end and when notice needs giving to end contracts.

This will give you a comprehensive review of:

Up to two supplies of Gas and up to two supplies of Electricity.
All telecommunications on site (including mobile phone services).
All IT Support in place.
All waste management solutions on site.
All merchant services on site (debit/credit card readers)
All insurances for the business premises, stock, motor fleet and protection.
All health protection schemes for business owners and up to 40 employees.
Pricing of reviews will depend on the amount of services being reviewed and the extent of supplies being provided.

Reviews of other services are available on request, please ask for an extensive list of referral partners currently in use as these reviews, where available, are included in the cost also.

Annual Support Cost thereafter. This annual cost covers all services done in the initial review.

Reviews of smaller one man band operations and all charitable organisations will be charge at a annual support cost.

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