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Sole Traders & SME's

Sole Traders & SME businesses whether they are already established or are a brand new start-up company need support from a professional company with commercial knowledge of how to set up business contracts that suit them.

Getting into the wrong business contracts can
❖ Prove costly 
❖ Mean that your services are not fit for purpose 
❖ Mean that your service are not compliant.

Been a SME or Sole Trader can be hectic - 
Businesses enter into all types of business contracts. Unfortunately, many enter into contracts without reviewing what is agreed upon by both parties. Unfortunately, due to business commitments Sole Traders & SME have a limited amount of time to fully review contracts, so can end up forfeiting their rights and put themselves on unnecessary burden due to unfavourable business terms and pricing.

Yorkshire Plus Limited -
will navigate the tricky area of the business agreements and go to the whole of market to secure the best possible deal and service available. We have a team of experienced professionals that can stop your business from entering into a contract that is unfair and not on your side, while still ensuring that it does not hurt the business relationship between the parties involved.

Don’t get caught out –
We work with businesses to ensure that contract terms are met and that it protects the needs of the business that the organization has gotten a good deal in terms of the best market prices.

There are some contracts that are completed in phases or milestones and can rollover into another term without you knowing and can incur highly inflated pricing. It is important for the business to ensure the negotiated milestone is worth the amount paid and there are no terms that give the other party an upper hand in the contract and contract end dates are monitored.

We have served a diverse market that range from:

❖Telecoms Systems
❖ Energy Supply and Reduction Solutions
❖ Information Technology Support services
❖ Waste Management services
❖ Insurance services
❖ Merchant Card Machines
❖ Health & Safety Compliance
❖ Water Management Solutions (Possible refunds available)
❖ Research & Development Tax Relief
❖ Office Stationery
❖ Vehicle Leasing among others
❖ R & D (Recreational & Development) Tax Refunds
Our Ad hoc service gives you the confidence to get on with growing your business whilst Yorkshire Plus ensure you get the best possibly market prices with the contract that right for you.

We guarantee you of professionalism and a friendly service. We also have a reputation for efficiency and affordability without sacrificing the quality of our services.

Reviewing of the contracts may save you thousands of Pounds in overcharge and other hidden fees. Let us review the contract and give our verdict before you append your signature

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